Surf Shops

You will find surf shops in the city centre of Papeete but most of the time they are shops that sell branded surf clothes. If you really want to buy surfboards, accessories, make repairs, you have:

Stone Fish

This is the Surfshop where you will find the most surfing equipment : pad, leash, accessories. It is also a shaper that offers boards for sale and is the official distributor of the Al Merrick, Pyzel and Lost brands in Polynesia. Address: 9 Cours de l'Union Sacrée à Papeete - Telephone: (+689) 89 70 36 93 9 Cours de l’Union Sacrée à Papeete – Téléphone : (+689) 89 70 36 93

Somo Surfboards

On the east coast in Mahina, just after descending the Tahara'a col on your right you will find this local shaper where you can buy surfboards, accessories and have your board repaired. Telephone: (

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